Sports & activities travel insurance can provide great value cheap travel insurance cover for lots of sports and activities that you might want to enjoy on holiday.   It is vital to make sure that you have the appropriate travel insurance cover for any adventure sports or activities before you travel.

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OUL Direct can provide the following sports travel insurance cover

  • Cover for a number of sports and adventurous activities as standard e.g. tennis, cycling, scuba diving up to 18m, water skiing within 12 nautical miles of shore & surfing.
  • Option to add extra cover for more high risk sports and adventurous activities e.g. rugby, horse riding, bungee jumping, hot air ballooning & white water rafting.

Adding sports & activities: What is covered

Adding the appropriate level of activity cover will extend the Curtailment and Medical expenses sections to provide cover for you whilst taking part in hazardous activities for recreational purposes only, where the activity is not the sole purpose of your trip. (In this instance, sole purpose shall mean taking part in hazardous pursuits on more than 50% of the number of days of your booked trip).

No cover is provided for taking part in competitions or in any professional capacity.

Please note. You will not be covered under Personal Liability, whilst taking part in hazardous activities or sports.

For full terms and conditions and a list of all the sports and activities that can be covered please read our policy wording.

See which sports and activities can be covered as standard, and which can be added to your travel insurance policy.

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Adventure travel insurance

If your holiday plans include taking part in extreme sports or adventurous activities, it is vital to make sure you have appropriate travel insurance.

Cover for additional adventure sports and hazardous activities can be added to OUL Directs single trip and annual policies. Simply add the cover you need when you get a sports travel insurance quote.

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You can choose the level of cover to suit the particular sport or activity that you will be taking part in. So if you need extreme sports travel insurance that includes cover for abseiling, you will need to add Hazardous Activities Category C to your premium in the policy options section when you get a quote online.

Sports and activities can be added to our single trip, annual and backpacker policies when you get a cheap travel insurance quote

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For full details of all the sports and activities that can be covered by our travel insurance, read our Policy Wording